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Personalized Care

Participation doesn’t require health insurance, and a group of healthcare experts will furnish all necessary care for the study without any charge.


Individuals who meet the criteria for participation will receive compensation for their involvement in the research and will receive the study drug at no cost.

What is clinical research?

Clinical research is how we get new therapies, devices and medications to the general public. Clinical trials test the safety and effectiveness of the medicines and devices created by biopharmaceutical companies. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves all medicines and devices before they become available to consumers.

  • It depends on the trial and what the pharmaceutical company has approved. It does not cost the participant any money to participate in a clinical trial. Some clinical trial sponsors will pay for participants’ travel costs. Javara partners with Uber Health to provide prepaid patient transportation to study visits to make clinical research more convenient.

  • While studies have strict protections, there is always a balance of risk and reward to any clinical study. Be sure to discuss your concerns with the research study team as well as your physician. If you decide to enroll in a trial, you will receive all the information necessary to give permission prior to any procedure or treatment. The informed consent documents also include a description of the procedure or treatment, potential risks or benefits, probable duration of any incapacitation, and alternatives.

  • The research study team should be able to tell you the details of the trial schedule if you are considering taking part in a clinical trial. The duration of some trials may last a few years, but the number of visits may only be a few times per year. For other trials, participants may need to visit more frequently or keep a journal between visits. Consider the benefits of participation versus how much time you may need to devote. Learn how long each study visit will take and what you’ll be doing during your visit from the study team.

  • Health insurance plans are required by federal law to cover routine patient care costs in clinical trials if certain conditions are met. These conditions include:

    Trial participants must meet certain eligibility requirements.
    Clinical trials must be approved.
    Out-of-network doctors and hospitals are not included in the trial if your insurance plan does not cover out-of-network care.
    Additionally, most health plans cannot deny you benefits or refuse to let you participate in an approved clinical trial. (source cancer.gov)

  • At Javara, we partner with local practices to provide clinical trials through your trusted physician. Depending on the study and your location, appointments could take place within the physician’s office or in a nearby Javara clinic.

What Happens Next?


Fill out the interest form and choose the location you are interested in.


We will see if you qualify for the trial after a phone screen and possibly a visit.


In the event that you qualify for the trial, we will be available to answer any questions you may have along the way.

Study Interest Form and Locations

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