press-release June 26, 2018

Javara Launches Next Generation Integrated Clinical Trials Platform

Winston-Salem, North Carolina. – Javara Inc., today announced the launch of its Integrated Research Organization (IRO) platform to drive innovative research partnerships, service, and technology offerings to healthcare systems, including Accountable Care Organizations, Academic and Community-Based systems. Together, Javara and its healthcare partners will offer a more aligned, efficient, and effective solution to the challenges of patient inclusion in clinical trials, by creating an infrastructure where clinical research will become an integral part of the state-of-the-art healthcare delivery offered by Javara’s healthcare partners.

“Today, biopharmaceutical companies are developing truly innovative therapies for patients. Yet, patients, who simply cannot wait, continue to face incredible challenges in accessing clinical trials and frustration in the slow completion of clinical trials,” said Jeff Kasher, Ph.D, Pharmaceutical Development Executive and Javara Board Director. “By focusing on the healthcare ecosystem, Javara aims to make clinical research more efficient, relevant, and more accessible”.

Jennifer Byrne, co-founder and CEO of Javara is a long time clinical research leader with a proven track record. Under her leadership, Javara has assembled a top-flight talent team and a blue-chip Board of Directors, all deeply committed to advancing the relevance and efficiency of clinical research to the healthcare ecosystem. The Javara IRO platform will bring better outcomes for patient-centered care, better economic results and easier access to cutting edge therapies for healthcare systems, and a more valuable and reliable research delivery model to the biopharmaceutical sector. Ms. Byrne commented, “Strong market forces are driving the need for transformational and innovative partnerships for both healthcare organizations and drug and device developers, all while delivering a higher quality and higher touch clinical trial experience to patients. Historically, healthcare and drug development sectors have largely operated in silos. Javara’s mission is to build extraordinary bridges between healthcare and the research industry to effectively and efficiently accelerate drug development”.

About Javara

Javara is the leading Integrated Research Organization (IRO) partnering with large healthcare organizations in local communities across the US to integrate clinical research into clinical care. Our access to broad diverse patient populations through their trusted physicians ensures clinical trials are completed with high enrollment and retention for quality data delivery. Javara’s centralized resources and standardized operations provide efficiencies for accelerated study start-up and quality outcomes, so fewer obstacles stand in the way of the product approval process. Our team includes experienced clinical research leaders who have collectively led 10,000+ trials and engaged 200,000+ patients in clinical trials. As pioneers of Clinical Research as a Care Option (CRAACO), Javara is transforming healthcare and changing lives by connecting the right patients to the right trials at the right time. For more information, please visit

Javara Media Contact:
Shannon Severino