article June 18, 2024

Pioneering Health Center Brings Clinical Trials to People Who Need Them Most

Headshot of Dr. Sangeeta Wagner, of Nevada Health CentersJavara Investigator Dr. Sangeeta Wagner featured in Clinical Research News 

For Nevada Health Centers, an FQHC, the rationale for integrating clinical research into their health system was “twofold—to provide patients with access to cutting-edge treatments and support for their disease processes as well as provide an additional source of funding to help sustain day-to-day operations of the health center.”

Chief Integration Officer Sangeeta Wagner, MD explains just how NVHC is paving the way for other FQHCs (across the state and the nation) to advance their own clinical trial offerings – and provide some of the most low-come, racially diverse, and medically underserved patient populations with care options historically not accessible – in interview with Deborah Borfitz of Clinical Research News. Read more!

Javara is honor to serve as NVHC’s dedicated clinical research partner; we are so excited about the work currently underway through this collaboration.