Could you be at risk for Kidney Disease?

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Looking for participants interested in a screening for a specific genetic condition in order to determine their potential susceptibility to developing kidney disease. This genetic condition has a higher incidence in people of Western or Central African decent.

APOL1-mediated kidney disease is a type of kidney disease that is caused by a substance in our body called the APOL1 protein (also known as the apolipoprotein L1). We all have the APOL1 protein; however, some people have differences in their DNA (the genetic material in our body that carries information about how our body works) that means they carry a modified type of APOL1 protein, known as a variant. This puts them at a higher risk for chronic kidney disease.

You may be able to participate in this trial if you are:


An adult age 18-65

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Taking a medication for high blood pressure or for protein in your urine

If you are eligible, compensation for genotype screening participation up to $30 may be provided

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