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Our Mission

Javara partners with large healthcare organizations in local communities across the country to integrate clinical research into clinical care — and we are transforming healthcare and changing lives by connecting the right patients to the right trials at the right time.

We are turning the tides of clinical research through an innovative approach

Javara is a Hindi word for tide. Just as tides rise and fall, research has successes and failures. But tides are resilient, too. In the same way, we relentlessly chip away at the bedrock of disease in our pursuit of finding new cures, improving patient outcomes and advancing world health. With a commitment to research and an innovative approach to clinical trials, we will begin to speak of more and more diseases in the past tense.

We are leading the way as pioneers of Clinical Research As A Care Option (CRAACO)

We simply believe that clinical research should be a realistic option for as many patients as possible from the moment of diagnosis. CRAACO connects patients with clinical trials as part of their routine healthcare experience, expanding access to treatment options that otherwise would have been unavailable.

We are integrating research at the community level

Advancing the CRAACO movement from revolutionary idea to reality takes a comprehensive approach. The same minds who helped define CRAACO have now redefined how we get that cutting-edge care to the patients who need it.

As the first Integrated Research Organization (IRO), we developed a more efficient model to ensure clinical trials are readily accessible as treatment options through the healthcare organizations that patients already know and trust.

Everybody stays connected, so everybody wins.

The Javara model delivers trusted results:

Clinical research has changed the world

But it should, and will, do more. We started Javara with a passion and vision to transform the clinical trial experience by accelerating access to research.


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