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How the IRO Model Will Transform Clinical Research

Right now, over 2 million patient volunteers in the United States are participating in clinical trials.

Although this may seem like more than enough patient volunteers to meet the needs of the existing clinical trials in the United States, 2 million patient volunteers do not come close to the 58 million patient volunteers needed.

Many factors can explain this deficit, but most center around lack of patient awareness and access to clinical trials and an overall failure to align the interests of the key stakeholders in the clinical trial ecosystem – patient volunteers, healthcare organizations and their providers, payers, and biopharmaceutical companies.

In order to produce new results, we need a new approach. Javara has architected a new clinical research delivery model, the Integrated Research Organization (IRO), that better connects key stakeholders, integrates clinical trials within patient care, optimizes shared value, and operates with the patient at the center.

30,000-Foot View: What Is an Integrated Research Organization?

The IRO brings alignment to the key stakeholders in the clinical trial ecosystem by creating relevance and shared value. We accomplish this by aligning clinical trials with population health initiatives within a healthcare organization; integrating clinical trials within the patient care continuum – making clinical trials more accessible to patients; embedding a robust clinical research infrastructure within the day-to-day workflow of a healthcare organization – ensuring compliance with laws and regulations, increasing human subject protection and privacy while ensuring enhanced data integrity; and using evidenced based feasibility processes to produce predictable trial performance to biopharmaceutical companies.

When key stakeholders are integrated instead of isolated, we can begin to meet the needs of the patients through clinical trials.

The Integrated Research Organization and Healthcare Systems: Aiding Population Health Initiatives

The IRO delivers a comprehensive and robust clinical trial infrastructure to value-oriented healthcare organizations.

The IRO uses data analytics to align clinical trials with population health initiatives within a healthcare organization to better serve the needs of the patients. Identified unmet patient needs are used as a guide when targeting and selecting clinical trials (such as disease categories associated with increased costs and readmissions). By aligning clinical trials with the unmet patient needs, clinical trials aid to decrease costs to healthcare organizations, enhance health outcomes for patients and increase engagement of patients in their own healthcare management.

The IRO embeds Clinical Trial Navigators within the day-to-day workflow of a healthcare organization to work alongside providers and patients (both in-person and remotely) to increase participation in clinical trials and reduce the administrative burden traditionally associated with conducting clinical trials.

The Clinical Trial Navigators play a key role in navigating patient volunteers through a clinical trial. This includes transitioning the patient volunteer back into clinical care upon the completion of a clinical trial, ensuring a seamless transition for the patient, the healthcare organization and its providers.

The Integrated Research Organization and Patient Volunteers: New Care Options & Renewed Hope

Clinical trials can be a source of empowerment and hope for patients. Right now, there are millions of patients who could benefit from clinical trials if they knew clinical trials could serve as a viable care option.

Javara’s Clinical Trial Navigators engage with patients to help them understand the clinical trials available to them. Our IRO model also flexes to meet patients on their terms, creating a patient-friendly experience that boosts participation. Our Clinical Trial Navigators “walk” with patient volunteers throughout the trial, increasing patient engagement and improving health outcomes.

The Integrated Research Organization and Biopharma Industry: Furthering BioPharmaceutical Research

Out of every 100 clinical trials, only 6 are completed on time. The biggest causes for delay? The lack of patient participation caused by the failure to integrate clinical trials within the patient care continuum.

The IRO works closely with the healthcare organization to identify clinical trials that align with the population health initiatives within the healthcare organization, ensuring that clinical trials become part of the overall population health strategy – resulting in broader engagement across the healthcare organization. Enhanced outcomes, patient satisfaction and overall cost savings resulting from clinical trials are carefully quantified to demonstrate value and alignment with other population health strategies within the healthcare organization.

With improved patient and provider engagement across a healthcare organization, coupled with a robust and standardized clinical trial infrastructure, trial performance becomes more predictable through an IRO, and biopharmaceutical research stays on track.

Change the System, Change the World

When the clinical research enterprise is strong and efficient, integrated instead of siloed, all of society benefits.

Life-saving and life-enhancing drugs reach the market faster as we increase participation, awareness and access to clinical trials.

And that’s good news for everyone.

Change happens one choice at a time, one patient at a time, one provider at a time. Will you join us in making an impact?

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