press-release March 25, 2019

Javara Transcends Transportation Barrier with Uber Health

Winston-Salem, North Carolina – Javara Inc., has announced the launch of Uber Health rides for patients to expand access to clinical research.  The initiative with Uber Health, the HIPAA-compliant technology solution from Uber, is centered around improving care options for patients by increasing clinical trial access and flexibility, aligning with Javara’s mission to improve the entire clinical trial experience. Integration of clinical research into overall care can lead to better health outcomes, lower healthcare costs, and increased knowledge of personal health.

Every year, 3.6 million Americans miss medical appointments due to lack of reliable transportation*. It’s an important component of the clinical trial patient journey. Partnering with Uber Health provides a patient-centered solution to advance access to cutting edge therapies by reducing barriers to clinical trial participation and providing participants with dependable, convenient, prepaid rides.

“Participants report being happier with their care and feeling more in control of their health as a result of their involvement in clinical trials. With Uber Health, we’re helping to expand access and transcend barriers to participation for volunteers.”

– Jennifer Byrne, CEO of Javara.

Patients participating in clinical trials with Javara’s healthcare partners are able to receive prepaid transportation to study visits, coordinated by Javara’s Clinical Trial Navigators. With the ability to schedule a ride up to 30 days in advance, important appointments won’t be missed and Uber Health does not require that patients have a smart phone or Uber app. Enhancing the clinical trial process through Uber Health means better access, better care and a transformative healthcare experience for researchers, physicians, and patients.

With 94% of trials not completed on time and 46% delayed due to patient enrollment issues, this initiative helps reduce barriers to participation.  Patients are able to confidently enroll in clinical studies and take advantage of transportation options through Uber Health, resulting in fewer no-shows and more on time appointments.

About Javara, Inc.

Javara, Inc., an Integrated Research Organization (IRO), integrates with complex healthcare systems to ensure clinical research is available throughout the patient care cycle and positions the system to leverage clinical research as a population health strategy, while serving to support drug development needs as a clinical research site provider of high-quality study data. Together, Javara and its healthcare partners offer a more aligned, efficient, and effective solution to the challenges of patient inclusion in clinical trials, by creating an infrastructure where clinical research becomes an integral part of the state-of-the-art healthcare delivery offered by Javara’s healthcare partners. The Javara IRO platform offers better outcomes for patient-centered care, better economic results, easier access to cutting edge therapies for healthcare systems, and a more valuable and reliable research delivery model to the biopharmaceutical sector. 

About Uber Health

Uber Health is a HIPAA-compliant technology solution for healthcare organizations that leverages the ride hailing power of the Uber platform. The web-based dashboard allows hospitals and other healthcare professionals to request, manage, and pay for rides for others, at scale.

Healthcare organizations are using Uber Health to help get people to and from the care they need, and to get staff to and from work.

Learn more at www.uberhealth.com.