press-release March 19, 2020

Javara Remains Committed to Supporting Industry and the US Government in the Clinical Development of Vaccines and Therapeutics for Infectious Diseases

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C., March 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Javara Inc., the industry leading Integrated Research Organization (“IRO”), who partners with healthcare organizations to procure and conduct clinical trials, announces a dedicated offering to support the clinical development efforts for a COVID-19 vaccine and treatment options along with a spectrum of infectious diseases. Javara seamlessly integrates clinical research personnel in direct collaboration with healthcare partner teams to engage more than 5M patients in the United States to support industry and government sponsored trials across all therapeutic areas. Javara’s direct-to-patient model enables rapid site activation, enhanced enrollment and retention, and reliable patient-protocol matching through identified patient data from our healthcare partner’s electronic health record leading to reduction in study timelines and cost of development for sponsors and CROs. These efficiencies are powered by Javara’s E-Dapt technology platform, which provides a digital solution with remote access for staff and patients to mitigate trial delays associated with patient accrual and data capture and monitoring when the ability to travel is constrained.  

“Privia Medical Group is committed to bringing highly engaged physicians with an embedded virtual health platform and population health technology to our partnership with Javara to provide patients the very latest and best innovative care options,” said Dr. Keith Fernandez, Chief Clinical Officer of Privia Health.

Given the COVID-19 outbreak, the Javara team is fully prepared to support CRO, biotech and pharmaceutical companies working to develop vaccines and therapeutics for diseases affecting population health.

Javara’s comprehensive E-Dapt technology platform meets the industry’s need for state-of-the-art clinical sites offering remote access that reduces requirements for clinical research support staff and patients coming to a Javara site. Our E-Dapt platform includes eRegulatory, eSource, Telehealth, virtual patient engagement and project management tools with remote access for our sponsor and CRO colleagues to maintain operational continuity.

“Time is of the essence and having the ability to engage physicians, patients and health data will be beneficial to the discovery of effective treatment options, including COVID-19 related interventions,” said Jennifer Byrne, CEO of Javara. 

About Javara

Javara, Inc., an Integrated Research Organization (IRO), integrates with healthcare systems and provides an advanced clinical research infrastructure to conduct clinical trials. As a clinical research site provider, Javara works with CROs, biotech and pharmaceutical companies providing a direct-to-patient model that is centered on improving patient access where physicians and investigators can offer clinical research as a care option. Javara and its healthcare partners offer a more efficient and effective site solution for conducting clinical trials with embedded staff, resources and technology. This provides key benefits like rapid site activation, enhanced enrollment and retention, access to diverse patient populations, EHR data for protocol matching and enhanced patient experience. Javara is integral to the advanced care offered by its healthcare partners and dedicated to advancing drug development across all therapeutic areas with improved outcomes for all.  For more information about Javara, Inc. visit:

Amanda Wright, Vice President of Partnership Development 

About Javara

Javara is the leading Integrated Research Organization (IRO) partnering with large healthcare organizations in local communities across the US to integrate clinical research into clinical care. Our access to broad diverse patient populations through their trusted physicians ensures clinical trials are completed with high enrollment and retention for quality data delivery. Javara’s centralized resources and standardized operations provide efficiencies for accelerated study start-up and quality outcomes, so fewer obstacles stand in the way of the product approval process. Our team includes experienced clinical research leaders who have collectively led 10,000+ trials and engaged 200,000+ patients in clinical trials. As pioneers of Clinical Research as a Care Option (CRAACO), Javara is transforming healthcare and changing lives by connecting the right patients to the right trials at the right time. For more information, please visit

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