press-release July 15, 2020

Javara Expands to Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC with Privia Medical Group

Javara is expanding our reach and ability to bring more patients to clinical trials in partnership with Privia Medical Group and their physicians in Maryland, Virginia and the Washington, DC area. Javara’s partnership with Privia Medical Group now spans across three major regions in the United States, including Privia Medical Group – Gulf Coast (Texas), Privia Medical Group – Georgia and Privia Medical Group – Mid-Atlantic (MD, VA and DC region).

Research America reports that 72% of the US population would participate in a clinical trial if their physician recommended it. Many patients are not well-informed about clinical research opportunities and the benefits of participating. This results in delays in the clinical development of promising new treatments for the millions of patients who are waiting for much needed medical intervention.

Javara provides healthcare organizations with a comprehensive and integrated clinical research infrastructure that enables clinical trials to be conducted at the point of patient care.  Through Javara, Privia’s physicians can offer their patients easy access to participate in clinical trials that integrate into their continuum of care.

“Our patients and communities benefit from access to clinically appropriate clinical trials,” said Richard Bernstein, MD, FCCP, an Internal Medicine/Pulmonary Specialist in Annapolis, Maryland. “This partnership helps us expand our efforts to deliver high quality, cost efficient care by working to prevent, detect and treat conditions that affect millions of Americans each year.”

Javara is also pleased to announce the addition of Sam Cable, Senior Director of Healthcare Engagement & Operations to the leadership team at Javara. Sam will serve to lead the partnership with Privia Medical Group – Mid-Atlantic to ensure an exceptional clinical trial experience for physicians and patients.

“Achieving a truly seamless research experience, collaboration is our greatest gift to ensuring access to cutting-edge therapies are at the forefront for all patients. Intersecting industry experts, like Sam Cable, and key individuals through our healthcare partners creates a shared value for all involved,” said Jennifer Byrne, CEO of Javara.

Privia Health is a national physician organization with more than 2,500 providers in multiple states. The Privia Platform of cloud-based, single instance integrated technology, point of care tools and physician led governance is an innovative approach to patient engagement and physician-driven wellness that drives patient outcomes and creates healthier communities. Like some of Privia’s other regions, patients throughout the Mid-Atlantic will have access to expanded care options and the support needed before, during and after a clinical trial to ensure their experience is positive and meaningful.

Javara and Privia Medical Group – Mid-Atlantic will be initiating a diverse array of clinical trials across therapeutic areas and specialties including general medicine, women’s health, pediatrics, pulmonology and sleep medicine.

About Javara

Javara is a Winston-Salem, N.C., based Integrated Research Organization (IRO) driven to change the clinical research experience and expand access to clinical trials – for both providers and patients. The Javara team includes experienced clinical research leaders who have collectively led over 10,000 trials and engaged more than 200,000 people in clinical trials.

About Privia

Privia Health™ is a national physician organization that transforms the healthcare delivery experience for physicians and consumers. Utilizing a platform of talent, tools and highly enabling technology, Privia has a proven track record of developing and elevating physician groups to top tier performance. Their approach of meeting providers where they are on the value continuum and partnering with health plans, health systems, and employers to better align reimbursements to quality, outcomes and performance has proven to be successful and replicable across multiple geographies. This platform of top industry talent, physician leadership development, scalable systems and proprietary technology reduces unnecessary healthcare costs, achieves better outcomes, and improves the health of patients and well being of providers. For more information: www.priviahealth.com. @PriviaHealth