blog January 24, 2022

Javara CEO Shares Top Three Takeaways from 2021

After a year that saw tremendous growth and innovation, Javara CEO, Jennifer Byrne, shares her key takeaways from the last 12 months.

  1. Dream It, Do It. Less than four years ago, the idea of launching a next generation business model around the enablement of Clinical Research as a Care Option (CRAACO) was an aspiration. Fast forward to today, we have navigated the trials and tribulations of a startup, scaled up the company during a pandemic and are now entering 2022 with a world class team of Javara change agents and healthcare partners. Together, we are bringing clinical trial access directly to millions of patients through their trusted physicians and community-based health systems all while driving better predictability to our life science partners. The dream is becoming an experience.
  2. Having the right people can make or break you. We need processes and tools, but the most important element of success is having the right people for the right job. In an era of “The Great Resignation” and overarching labor challenges, this is the moment when we need to innovate around a 21st Century approach to talent acquisition and retention.
  3. Clinical Research as a Care Option equates to Patient Centricity. Clinical trial participants remain essential to answering scientific questions, however, we might draw more people to consider trial participation if we present research as an option to improve patient’s unmet health needs. Through education and outreach, we want patients to ask questions like “How can clinical trial participation help me become more informed about my medical condition” or “How can a trial help me better understand the importance of medication adherence and overall attentiveness to health changes?”