blog April 12, 2022

Enhance Patient Experience to Strengthen Clinical Trial Efficacy

Amanda Wright, Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer at Javara, emphasizes the need to overcome barriers in order to achieve an effective patient-centric approach in clinical trials. She highlights that these obstacles are often unrecognized, including site and sponsor policies, regulatory constraints, and outdated definitions.

One example is the tax implications for patients compensated over $600 per year in a clinical trial, which can act as a deterrent. Additionally, some sponsors resist the use of satellite sites, limiting physician and patient reach. Wright calls for introspection in processes like contracting and patient communications to ensure they facilitate access and participation rather than impede it.

She emphasizes the unintended consequences of seemingly small decisions, leading to continued distrust and missed opportunities. Wright believes the industry must address the public health crisis of the gap between the number of participants needed and actual participants, necessitating the assessment and action of all stakeholders. Ongoing reflection and evaluation are crucial to avoid hindering participation and making the patient experience more challenging.

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