October 26, 2022

Podcast Explores Clinical Research as a Care Option

Javara CEO Jennifer Byrne recently appeared on the Research Confidential podcast hosted by ProofPilot’s Joseph Kim, exploring the nitty gritty of clinical research as a care option (CRAACO), Javara‚Äôs integrated approach to trial delivery, and more. During the conversation, she sheds light on various challenges prevalent in clinical research, such as trust issues, complex systems and protocols, transparency, and the significance of teamwork. Jennifer envisions patient-centricity as the future of clinical trials, emphasizing the integration of patients as integral team members.

In this discussion with Javara’s CEO, Jennifer Byrne, you will learn:

  • Javara has successfully engaged around 150 physicians as principal investigators, with 95% of them being newcomers to clinical research in the past four years.
  • An IRO (integrated research organization) focuses on building long-term relationships with healthcare organizations and using technology-enabled services to make clinical research accessible to all patients.
  • CRAACO (Clinical Research As A Care Option) emphasizes the integration of clinical research into healthcare practices.
  • Patient-centricity extends beyond sharing data; it involves ensuring that the patient’s trial experience is easily accessible to the entire care community.
  • Including patients as part of the research team provides a comprehensive perspective on collected data.
  • Transparency is a crucial factor in clinical trials, but it has become a challenge in ground-level management.

Listen to the full episode here!