article November 10, 2022

Clinical Research: How Integration Benefits Patients and Providers


Keith Fernandez, MD, chief clinical officer at Privia Health, discusses the integration of clinical research into patient care to enhance the overall patient experience and improve health outcomes. Privia Health, a physician enablement company, partnered with Javara, an integrated research organization (IRO), to launch a clinical research program. The availability of clinical research at the point of care, guided by trusted clinicians, expands treatment options for patients who may have complex medical problems. The integration of clinical research also offers financial benefits to physicians and practices, especially during periods of reduced patient visits like the COVID-19 pandemic.

The article featured in Healthleaders, highlights the benefits experienced by physicians who participate in clinical research, including the opportunity to see patients more frequently, spend more time with them, and provide care in a different dynamic. Physicians feel invigorated, and their staff and patients benefit from the innovative care options. Participating in clinical research also allows physicians to contribute to scientific discovery and be part of advancements in medical practice.

Privia Health has been involved in various clinical trials spanning different disease states such as COVID-19, type 2 diabetes, pulmonary conditions, lipid disorders, high blood pressure, OB/GYN trials, genetic studies, and predictive analytics for cancer risk. The selection of the right research partner is crucial for successful integration, and organizations need to invest time in investigating potential partners.

Dr. Fernandez emphasizes the importance of being proactive and actively listening to researchers’ feedback to ensure a positive experience for physicians and practice staff. He also discusses the qualities and skills required for physicians to succeed in clinical research, including leadership, curiosity, organization, and a commitment to spending time with patients.

Dr. Fernandez asserts that clinical research embedded in medical practices can be a differentiating factor that attracts patients and payers. He believes that physician groups participating in clinical research contribute to improving patient care and should actively engage in research endeavors.

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