blog July 22, 2023

3 Strategies to Advance Clinical Research as a Care Option

Advancing clinical research as a care option (CRAACO) takes a comprehensive approach. As an integrated research organization, Javara’s pioneering model seamlessly blends clinical research into patients’ clinical care, eliminating barriers and propelling the progress of CRAACO.

Javara HCP holding a clipboard and showing patient the contents of the clipboard1. Harnessing the Power of Partnerships for Clinical Research Advancement

An essential aspect of driving clinical research progress lies in forging partnerships with community-based healthcare systems. These alliances provide organizations like Javara with an extensive network of patients and providers, making clinical research participation accessible at the point of care. Through trusted relationships, these partnerships act as vital bridges, connecting patients in need with state-of-the-art medical interventions while offering individuals the chance to actively contribute to scientific knowledge.

2. Enhanced Communication and Provider Engagement

In addition to notifying hundreds of healthcare providers of potential trial matches for their patients, Javara actively works to bring practicing physicians into research as investigators. By providing physicians with the necessary training and support, Javara is helping address the national investigator shortage and opening the door to broader, more diverse trial participation.

Through close collaboration and continuous communication, we empower healthcare professionals to be actively involved with their patients in clinical trials, creating a mutually beneficial relationship that advances clinical research.

3. Community Engagement Expands Clinical Trial Diversity

The expansion of clinical trial access made possible through invaluable partnerships, can have a profound impact on clinical trial delivery and the overall advancement of clinical research as a care option. This has been demonstrated through Javara’s own clinical trials. With the help of locally based partners, Javara strategically engages with communities to achieve long-term and sustainable outcomes.

By reaching a broader patient population, Javara gathers diverse and representative data that accurately reflects real-world scenarios. Moreover, the larger participant pool expedites enrollment, fast-tracking the research process and reinforcing the significance of clinical research as a care option.


Continued Advancement of Clinical Research as a Care Option

These strategies can have a profound impact on expanding access to clinical trials, as they have for Javara. By prioritizing Clinical Research as a Care Option, we can connect patients in need with groundbreaking medical interventions while also providing them an opportunity to contribute to scientific knowledge.

By continuously enhancing and implementing these approaches, Javara remains committed to advancing clinical research as a care option, ultimately improving health outcomes and changing lives. You can too.